A good-quality headstall is a key element of any bridle. Headstalls, also called headpieces, fit over a horse’s head and around its ears, holding in place the cheek pieces that keep a bit in the horse’s mouth. A bitless halter is similar but lacks a bit. Both bridle pieces can be used to lead or tie a horse.

An Array of Headstall Styles

Browse the collection of headstalls at Carolina Tack Supply for the name brands you trust and superior quality you (and your horse) deserve. One of our favorite brands is Showman, and we carry a full line of Showman headstalls made of fine leather. Find rawhide and oiled leather headstalls with split or one-ear designs, bitless halters with or without reins and complete double-stitched leather browband headstall and breast collar sets. Many selections are embellished with show-ready details like metal conchos, hand-painted elements, and inlays of beads, crystals and more. Also find durable nylon headstalls for everyday use, sturdy U.S.-made selections for draft horses and more in our collection.

Why Buy Headstalls & Halters at Carolina Tack Supply Inc?

Horse lovers are a different breed. At Carolina Tack Supply Inc, we’re a family of horse people who ride, raise and train horses for pleasure rides, competitions and companionship. We’re proud to be a trusted supplier of all your equestrian gear, from stall forks and other barn supplies to bridles, saddles, rider attire and even equipment for the canines running around your stables. Our low prices, fast shipping and knowledgeable customer service make Carolina Tack Supply the first choice for horse riders, trainers, owners and admirers.