Bosals / Bosal Sets

Bosals are an important and often misunderstood element of equestrian gear. Learn about the longstanding bosal vs. hackamore debate, then browse our selections of high-quality bosals to complete your tack.

Bosal vs. Hackamore: What’s the Difference?

A bosal is a loop of leather, rope or nylon that fits around a horse’s muzzle with a knot that protrudes below the jaw. It is one element of a hackamore - which is a type of bitless bridle comprised of three parts: a headstall, a bosal and mecate or other reins. The bosal helps keep the headstall in position, and the reins attach to the bosal’s knot. When the rider moves the reins, pressure on the bosal transfers to the muscles on the horse’s nose and face, thereby making her respond by moving away from the pressure.

Bosals & Complete Bosal Headstalls

Browse a wide selection of high-quality bosals made of rawhide leather in our collection. In addition to individual bosals, we carry an array of complete bosal bridle sets that come with attached headstall and mecate reins. The reins may be made of leather, braided cotton, nylon or horse hair, and headstalls may be embellished with beaded inlays, colorful rawhide and more. Pair yours with roomy, durable Showman® bridle bags for protection and easy transport.

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