Breast, Pulling & Tripping Collars

Breast collars help keep your saddle from sliding and play a major role in many equestrian endeavors. Browse the collection of breast collars, tripping collars and more options at Carolina Tack Supply for great prices and fast shipping on brands you trust.

Breast Collar vs. Tripping Collar

You’ve likely heard the terms breast collar, pulling collar and tripping collar used interchangeably. While these tack elements have much in common, they are all designed for specific jobs with pros and cons for each. All three collars are comprised of three pieces that fit across the horse’s chest and connect to attachment points on most saddles. They all help prevent your saddle from sliding too far forward onto the horse’s shoulders or too far back onto the croup, and from tilting side to side. The main differences are in the work you’re doing with your horse:

  • Breast Collar - Traditional three-piece look, attaches to saddle D-rings, great for everyday riding Cons: Can bind at shoulders, restricting range of motion and limiting gait
  • Tripping Collar - Single-unit front piece, attaches directly to saddle pommel, offers greater freedom of movement for the horse
  • Pulling Collar - Extra heavy-duty, disperses pressure widely for steer pulling, calf roping and other intense pursuits

Top Quality Breast Collars for Every Horse

Browse our collection for top-quality breast collars and tripping collars made for adult horses and ponies. Find selections crafted from leather and nylon in simple, everyday styles alongside showier options inlaid with beadwork or crystals, embellished with conchos and other metal elements or featuring tooled artistic designs.