Horse Bridles & Bridle Components

The bridle is a foundational part of your horse tack. Riders use this piece of equipment to communicate with the horse while in the saddle - making it arguably the most important category of tack after well-fitted saddles and saddle accessories. Horse bridles are comprised of several parts that can be adjusted to your steed’s anatomy for a secure fit that allows you to effectively tell her what you want her to do. Components of a bridle include:

  • Crown piece - The main piece that fits over the head and around the ears
  • Cheek pieces - Straps that connect the crown piece to the bit
  • Bit - A rigid or semi-rigid piece that goes inside the horse’s mouth and transfers pressure from the reins to tell the horse how to move
  • Throatlatch - Runs from horse’s right ear and under the throat to attach at the left side of the jaw and prevents bridle slippage
  • Browband - Lies across the horse’s forehead, connecting crown pieces and preventing the bridle from sliding behind the poll
  • Noseband - Holds bit in place
  • Reins - Long, narrow straps attached to the bit that the rider uses to communicate with the horse

Bitless Bridles, Complete Bridle Sets & More

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