Slobber Straps

Slobber straps sound funny, but they’re an important part of equestrian gear. Find out how these bridle elements can help clarify communication with your horse, then browse the selection of high-quality, low-priced slobber straps at Carolina Tack Supply.

What Are Slobber Straps?

Slobber straps act as a kind of hinge on your horse’s bridle. These small leather pieces attach the reins to the bit, adding a layer of movement to your handling of the reins. As soon as you pick up the reins, the horse feels the slobber straps move, which helps him anticipate a command. He also feels an immediate release of pressure from the slobber straps when you let go the reins. This nuanced communication helps you and your horse learn faster and easier from each other.

One-Piece & Two-Piece Slobber Straps

Browse our collection for the best quality slobber straps in both one- and two-piece configurations. Two-piece designs are easier to attach and detach quickly, making them a great choice for multi-horse stables and high-traffic training situations. A one-piece design has a cleaner look, but it requires undoing the reins entirely to remove or change the slobber straps. The Showman slobber straps in our collection are made of leather and feature decorative tooling, metal buckles and other eye-catching designs.

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