Bitless Bridles/Sidepulls

Bitless bridles and sidepulls are a humane choice for developing a strong connection with your horse. Check out our selection from popular name brands and our tips for choosing the best bitless bridle.

Why Use Bitless Bridles?

Bits cause pain in a horse’s mouth. That’s how they work. Bitless bridles, on the other hand, transfer pressure from the reins to less-sensitive parts of the horse’s head, like the nose and cheeks. This makes using bitless bridles more humane while allowing more nuanced communication, which results in a true partnership between rider and horse.

Bitless Bridle vs. Sidepull: Which Is Better?

Any bridle that leaves out the bit is a bitless bridle, and sidepulls are one type. A sidepull fits the same way a traditional bridle does, making it an excellent choice for transitioning to bitless riding. Other types of bitless bridles include rope bridles that are very easy to adjust for a custom fit, as well as cross-under bridles that feature nosebands and a jaw strap rather than a bit. Bosals are another humane choice that feature a rawhide loop around the horse’s muzzle. As for the best bitless bridle for your horse, that depends on your steed’s personality and your riding style.

Quality Sidepulls and Bitless Bridles

Browse our collection of bitless bridles and sidepulls to find the humane option for your needs. We carry a full line of Showman leather bitless bridles that include reins, as well as the brand’s nylon rope bridles in a rainbow of vibrant colors. The sidepulls in our collection feature double-stitched leather construction with a double rope noseband. Pair them with top-quality reins, bridle bags and other accessories from Carolina Tack Supply that are in stock and ready to ship fast.