Replacement Conchos

Replacement conchos at Carolina Tack Supply level up the form and function of your tack. Capture attention and pay homage to the history of horseback riding in America with concho selections from our collection.

What Are Conchos?

Vaqueros were unofficial style icons for the earliest American cowboys. Not only did these Mexican horsemen and cattle herders bring horses to the New World, but they modeled wide-brimmed hats, bitless bridles and embellished saddles for their neighbors in the Southwest territories. They tied metal discs onto their saddles with leather strips to secure their gear and create a polished look. These discs featured slits for the leather ties and were often decorated with carved rosettes or precious gemstones. The discs are known today as conchos and continue to be a popular add-on to professional and leisure tack.

Replacement Conchos for Saddles

Browse an array of replacement conchos at Carolina Tack Supply. Whether you’re replacing a concho lost during competition or leveling up your tack with a little bling, the conchos in our collection are the highest quality. We carry gorgeous Showman conchos encrusted with rhinestones in a variety of colors and designs that will capture the judges’ attention and help your steed stand apart from the crowd.

More Equestrian Embellishments

Find subtler selections in our concho collection for an understated equestrian style. Choose leather tie-ons in the shape of a cross that feature concho trim with Celtic or other etched designs. Pair them with other saddle tie-ons and fashionable rider apparel for a unique look that’s all your own. Orders from Carolina Tack Supply ship fast, and ours are the best prices around. Make every ride better with Carolina Tack Supply.