Wither Straps

Wither straps are an important part of horse tack. With a specialized function and lots of options for eye-catching form, the wither straps at Carolina Tack Supply add efficiency and personality to your ride.

What Do Wither Straps Do?

Horse tack is all connected: The breast collar fits across the horse’s chest and attaches to the saddle to keep it from sliding forward, back or side to side. Wither straps can be attached in between the breast collar and saddle to help keep the breast collar in the correct position. If the collar droops down, the horse’s movement becomes restricted. If it slides up, it can chafe the horse’s chest. Activities like barrel racing that include high speed and sharp turns benefit from the use of wither straps for more efficient management of your horse. Many riders add wither straps to their performance tack for a more stylish look, as many manufacturers include decorative elements like beading or leather tooling on wither straps.

Form & Function: Wither Straps with Style

Browse our collection for an array of wither straps from brands you trust, including a full line of popular Showman products. Find simple options with the look of brushed leather, standout choices with beaded inlays and a variety of tooled, etched and painted designs. Choose the look that expresses your personality and the style that fits your horse’s needs. Whether you’re looking for wither straps that complement your decorative headstall or advice on other bridle elements, contact us at Carolina Tack Supply for friendly, knowledgeable help from horse lovers just like you.