About Us

With over 20 years in the horse tack business, including over 10 years online, our management team understands what our customers want and we make buyer satisfaction our top priority. We do this by providing quality products, fast shipment, and excellent customer service.
Our mission is to give our customers a positive buying experience and meet all of their equine needs. By putting our customers' needs first, we build relationships that will last for years to come.

At Carolina Tack Supply, we are committed to giving you "the best saddle for the buck." All the little details (including those not seen) that go into our products help to ensure that you are going to get good use from them for many years, not to mention that it makes it a lot easier on us!

We want you to be 100% satisfied! The items offered at Carolina Tack Supply not only assures you quality materials are used, but promises flawless workmanship. If your saddle is used as intended, and given proper care, you can expect many years of useful enjoyment.