The right reins are essential for any good equestrian experience. Whether you’re taking a pleasure trot on a trail or training for the competition ring, your reins allow you to communicate with your horse. They’re like the steering wheel of a car - and only the most skilled riders dare to ride without them. Check out our selection of split, mecate and more reins alongside our pro tips on choosing the best reins for your horseback adventures.

Types of Horse Reins

  • Split Reins - As the name implies, these reins are comprised of two separate strips of leather or rope attached directly to the bit. These are the most popular style of reins for Western events and pleasure riding. Split reins allow the rider to hold the reins with two hands and adjust left- or right-side commands separately.
  • Mecate Reins - Generally attached to bosals instead of traditional bits, mecate reins are made of one continuous piece of rope or leather that loops around the horse’s neck. The remaining length is tied around the saddle horn to be used as a lead. Mecate reins and bosals are typically used to train young horses who have yet to acclimate to a bit.
  • Roping Reins - These reins are made of one looped strap that attaches to both sides of the bit, often via a built-in snap. This setup is convenient for one-handed riding, especially when the other hand is needed for roping cattle or maintaining balance in barrel racing.
  • Contest Reins - Usually made of heavy-duty braided cotton or nylon, contest reins provide reliable strength in a slim profile that allows both adult and youth riders to compete effectively in barrel races, roping contests and other competitions

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